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Educational Campaign

This website, The Avondale Estates Mid-Century, has been created to support the ongoing process, begun by the Avondale Estates Board of Mayor and Commissioners (BOMC), Department of City Planning, and Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), of preserving Avondale Estates’ historical heritage by designating a second historic district in the mid-century parts of the city. By recognizing, protecting, and developing the rich cultural and architectural resources in these residential areas, such a district will help to maintain the architectural identity of the residential district, protect economic values, and provide resources to maintain citizens’ homes.


When Avondale Estates was registered on the National Register of Historic places in 1986, the identity and architectural heritage of the areas within the city’s original boundaries became protected as a historic district. However, the mid-century developments, Majestic Acres and Avonwood, themselves by now at least half a century old, were left unprotected. These areas are in danger of losing their historic character and distinctiveness and their contribution to the architectural heritage of the city as a whole.


In 2017, in a joint document, prepared by the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Board of Mayor and Commissioners, and the Historic Preservation Commission agreed to move forward on creating a second historic district based on a survey of resources of the anticipated new district commissioned from Piedmont Preservation in 2014. As recommended in the 2014 survey and 2017 document, the joint agreement stated that the next steps to advance this goal would be an educational campaign and joint meetings between the BOMC and HPC.


This site is designed to re-catalyze this joint effort on behalf of Avondale Estates. First, it offers an educational context, which is part of the process of pursuing historical designation. This site presents a portfolio of the architectural richness of the prospective new district, profiles the types of historical resources in place, and creates historical context for crafting a “statement of significance,” a required step in the process, of why the new district merits historical designation. It also makes the existing supporting documents easily accessible and provides information about the economic and other benefits of historic district designation for homeowners.


Avondale Estates’ architectural heritage is endangered by economic pressure that has been building over the past decade. Please support reactivating a process that was initiated many years ago but that has not advanced since 2017. It appears that citizens need to raise their voices in support of the goal of protecting our historic architectural heritage by asking city officials and boards to proceed with the process they have begun.


This web site contains the link to a petition that requests the BOMC and HPC move ahead with the plans they laid out several years ago. If you are a citizen of Avondale Estates who favors such a move, please take a moment to let the BOMC and HPC know by signing the petition and sending copies to the BOMC and HPC (addresses provided).

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