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Sample Letter

Please feel free to send this letter to the Board of Mayor and Commissioners and the Historical Preservation Commission.


As a citizen of Avondale Estates, I am writing to share my concern about preserving the historical, cultural, and architectural values of Avondale Estates, a city listed on the National Register of Historic Places which will celebrate its centenary in 2026.


Based on the documents posted on the Avondale Mid-Century site and the Avondale Estates web site, I am asking you to continue the process of protecting the historic character and distinctiveness of the city by moving forward on the conversations about creating a second historical district, the Avondale Estates’ Mid-Century, as suggested by a signed joint document, Avondale Community Choices, signed by the BOMC and HPC in 2017.


I request that HPC and BOMC have a special meeting as soon as possible to begin a public process in which home owners will hear information about the economic benefits as well as provide feedback on design guidelines and the requirements for maintaining or updating their homes.


Thank you giving this initiative the utmost priority.








Avondale Estates, GA 30002


Contact Addresses:


Board of Mayor and Commissioners

Jonathan Elmore,

Brian Fisher,

Lionel Laratte,

Dee Merriam,

Lisa Shortell,


Historical Preservation Commission

Christine McMahan, (chair)

Frank Brown,

David Sacks,

Jason Swichtenberg,

Peter Yoxall,

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